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A Few more words from others…

“I have trained with M2 Fitness Pros for several years.”

FACT: I started with Body Fat over 25%
FACT: Left with body Fat of 12%
FACT: Returned with Body Fat at 24%
FACT: Today Body Fat is at 14%

When I am training with Emile I achieve my fitness goals. When I do it alone I do not. I would like to see more online Body Stats such as Body Fat, Weight, Muscle % for historical trend analysis. I recommend M2 Fitness Pros and I have brought in two friends!
Charlie H. Long Beach CA


With a BMI in the obese category, I had a specific goal to get my weight down to a healthy level within a couple of months. My doctor told me to cut my calories or go on a liquid diet. This just did not sound like a healthy approach to me, so I did some research online, and found Emile at M2 Fitness. To be honest, some of the information on the M2 website seemed too good to be true, but I requested an appointment.

Emile met with me and did a comprehensive assessment of my fitness level, weight and fat/lean body mass. To my surprise, Emile told me that I needed to increase my calorie intake in order for my body to have sufficient energy to workout. We discussed the challenges my medical condition presented to losing weight. I began following his nutrition recommendations the next day, and my energy level skyrocketed. After 5 weeks, I was no longer in the obese category. I'm continuing to slim down and firm up.

Emile's plan is solid common sense that works; no crazy diets; no excessive workouts. I eat plenty of healthy food, and I have a manageable workout plan. Over time, the workouts do get more intense, but are manageable.

In addition, I feel very supported and comfortable in the M2 gym. All clients there, regardless of their fitness level are positive and supportive of each other. Lastly, Emile is very understanding of both the physical and emotional challenges to losing weight, and is always willing to talk through those issues.

I HIGHLY recommend Emile and M2 Fitness!
Carol M. Long Beach CA

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Now if you really want to start seeing transformation results worthy of bragging about you need to commit to at least 12 weeks and then from there you either need to set your next transformation goal or go onto a maintenance phase for your amazing new look.

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