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Emile Jarreau
​From military trained muscle to bodybuilding and extreme fat loss, Mr. Fat Loss while serving over 10,000 others has finally found his niche…”The Ability To Teach The Fine Art of Fat Loss”.

Emile Jarreau is a certified fitness professional, with a background in performance nutrition. He is a former candidate of the US NAVY SEAL TEAMS with over 32 years of experience in fitness training and coaching.

In addition, he specializes in post rehab, injury prevention, weight loss, strength and conditioning. As a member of the International Fitness Association and American Council on Exercise, Emile has helped thousands of people transform and shed excess body fat, all the while guiding them to accomplish their health, fitness and life goals.

His clients include CEO’s, business executives, celebrities, entertainers, professional athletes, soccer moms, weekend warriors and the everyday fitness enthusiast from a range of backgrounds.

Performed strength training and rehabilitation with NFL professional Athletes
Consulted,coached with some the industry’s most recognized sought and out fitness professionals.
Developed programs for State troubled youth.
Physical Conditioning Program U.S. Navy S.E.A. L. Team

Creator of the "Physique and Figure Training Specialist" Certification at NESTA

Other Programs and certifications:

Stott-Pilates Mat Work Instructor Certification (October 2001)
Stott-Pilates Reformer Instructor Certification (July 2001)
Stott-Pilates Injuries and Special Populations (January 2002)
Stott-Pilates Intensive CC& B Group (January 2002)
Aerobic and Fitness Instructor Certification, International Fitness Association (December 2002-2020)
Physical Mind Institute Mat Pilates Certification (April 2000)
Johnny G. Spinning® Certification (October 1999)
BodyPUMP® Instructor Certification (March 1999)
Personal Trainer of the year, Gold’s Gym®, Long Beach (1997)
Personal Trainer Certification, American Council on Exercise (since 1987)
American Heart Association CPR (1987-Present)


"Ballroom Bootcamp" on BRAVO
Dr. 90210 E Entertainment
National Media Campaign, Gold’s Gym International
Long Beach View Magazine
Co-owner of M2 Fitness Pros, professional fitness solution company and premiere training facility in the downtown district of Long Beach, CA. since 1988


NPC Mr. Palm Springs (1990)
NPC Mr. Los Angeles (1992)
ABA Mr. California Natural (1995)
ABCA Mr. Long Beach (1996)
Muscle Mania (1997)
NPC Max Muscle Natural (1998)
NPC Iron man Natural (1998)
NPC Max Muscle Natural (1999)
NPC Los Angeles (2006)

Community Service:

Long Beach Lambda Democratic Club Annual Human Rights Banquet (February 2001)

Warm-up for Aids Walk of Long Beach (1999-2001)

Fitness Coordinator, Camp Glenn Rocky, San Dimas, California (Summer 2000)

Activities include planning and implementing an on-site “Bootcamp” calisthenics program. Motivation, goal setting, and leadership training also conducted.
Highest monetary donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charity Fund Drive in conjunction with Gold’s Gym®, Long Beach (1999)

Personal training services for the American Heart Association Fund Raiser (1998-1999)

Bea Fox

“With every failure, we come that much closer to success. Our vision becomes clearer and our mind and ambition stronger. This sport brings out the best and worst in us. Only in the worst of times do we really test our character and witness strength. It’s in those times when I found I became my best. It is not the achievement of a title that defines us, our "perseverance", the "preparation", the "journey" that each and every one of us embarks on to reach our ultimate potential in LIFE, is what defines who we are”.

“The desire to become a life champion is in each and every one of us- we just have to decide WHEN”
My ultimate motive for co-establishing M2 Fitness Pros and my drastic change in lifestyle was to provide a positive role model by motivating others to see through their own drive, succeed, conquer, and to empower and inspire those who aspire to do greatness "beyond just the ordinary" achieve their ultimate potential.

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of sharing the figure stage with some of the most talented female athletes in the nation. It has also been my privilege to work with and alongside the industry’s best business leaders and coaches. These talented and driven individuals have certainly been the most influential forces in my life. They are my greatest mentors instilling in me the mantra that the more we learn about others, the more we learn about ourselves.


I find that being able to help steer someone’s life towards the positive is one of the greatest rewards. The thing that kept me going was that I loved what I was becoming. Exercise for me became a process of physical and mental renewal.

The best part of recovery was going back to doing what I had started many years ago, The Gym, a temple where I reconnect with myself. Ten to twelve months out of the year, I am deep in the trenches with my training and year-round driving a thriving business making a concerted effort to keep myself conscientious, self driven, and focused. Most importantly, my competitive edge keeps my mind healthy at its sharpest and my body fit and strong, giving me that balance I need to exist fully. Aside from that added bonus, this lifestyle has also taught me numerous other life lessons and conditioned me to always be patient without being complacent--it has rebuilt my confidence, my life and has empowered me to do things I would have never imagined possible.

We are all affected by what we see, feel, and often visualize. The most significant decision I've made was to change my thinking. We are ALL capable of the impossible- I'm living proof!
Train BIG, Dream BIG, Live BOLD

National Figure Athlete
M2 Warrior Athlete™
Fitness Professional
Transformation Coach

Co-owner of M2 FITNESS PROS, fitness Solutions Company located in Long Beach, CA. M2 Pros are a team of devoted athletes and elite trainers offering a haven for those motivated individuals seeking a higher quality of life. M2 also conducts seminars, webinars, outdoor boot camps and a series of conditioning classes for serious athletes looking to improve their performance. Sky's the limit!


Dr. 90210 E Entertainment
Long Beach View Magazine


Team Universe Championships | New York
USA National Championships| Las Vegas
Junior National Figure Championships | Chicago
Junior USA Championships | South Carolina 2007
IFBB North American Championships | Cleveland
USA Championships | Las Vegas
Arnold Classic | Cleveland 2006
Los Angeles Championships | California
California State Championships | California
Orange County Classic | California

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