5 Warning Signs You’re Workouts have you in...the Land of Settling

By emile


Assuming both options were possible for you, which would you choose?

Option 1: To be successful and feeling miserable about your body.

Option 2: To be successful and happy with your body

If you’re like most people, you probably chose option 2.

Who doesn’t want to feel successful and happy with their efforts in the gym?

The problem is we often do things to make ourselves miserable or complicate our lives. Don’t get me wrong. No one goes out of their way to make things harder than they need to be on purpose,

Regardless, many of us find ourselves working in the Land of Settling, a frustrating place where you don’t get what you want (even though you really, really, really want things to work out for you).

Even worse:
You talk yourself into being OK with doing less than what you know in your heart will make you happy.

You make decisions about your body based on what others would consider impressive or enough.

Many of the people who work in the Land of Settling or people pleasing are successful but they really aren’t happy. In fact, I used to be there and am so grateful I overcome that addiction which helped me relocate to the Land of Happiness where success and happiness flow freely.

The good news is anyone can escape the Land of Settling with their body. This means being successful AND happy is 100% possible for you. And it becomes even more accessible once you’re aware of the warning signs.

5 warning signs you’re working in the Land of Settling

You live for “someday” or “after X.” You over-think about what you want and take little to no action because you’re waiting for this to happen or that to happen. You spend a lot of time planning and wondering about how things are going to work out instead of actually taking even the smallest step forward.i.e., getting a trainer or at least join a gym

Your relationships don’t reflect the kind of love and support you want in your life. You have several negative friends or family members who gossip or putting down your fitness efforts, always have drama going on and aren’t shy about dragging you into it all.

The relationships with the people closest to you are full of conditions. You continue to put up with a partner or a close friend who is only nice to you when they want something or when you do things their way. When you bring up an idea about working out or share something about a fitness goal achieved that you’re excited about, you get an immediate list of all the reasons it won’t work or why you’re being dumb for even thinking it.

You have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Your clothes have gotten too tight because the vending machine has become your daily distraction from your soul-sucking job, or you don’t have the time or energy to work out.

You play the blame game. You blame your clueless boss, backstabbing co-worker, annoying commute or some other unfortunate circumstance — and you’re not shy about venting to anyone who will listen about your current body weight frustrations. If only “they” would see your value or otherwise stop complicating your life, your life would be a lot better.
Now that you’re aware of the warning signs of working in the Land of Settling, let me ask you two questions:

First, are you settling for fewer results and float in a “maintenance phase” with your training in the gym?

And if so, is it affecting your day-to-day satisfaction with your life?

Listen, I understand we all hit bumps in the road, but the sexy news is you can escape the Land of Settling and head to the Land of Satisfaction. It’s as easy and by following a roadmap you have the best chance of the outcome you desire!
When clients have access to a few stops on the roadmap, something magical begins to happen.

They begin to feel less stressed at work. And less stress at work means the ability to make a bigger difference in the lives of loved ones, do better quality work and have more time for what matters most. Ultimately clients enjoy their life and the people in it a whole lot more!

You can do that too. Your first step to escaping settling in your work is to step over here and check out the Roadmap to Work That Matters.

If your mind is telling you to wait or check it out later, that is another sign you are stuck living in the Land of Settling. Please don’t stay there.

You have way too much potential and life in the Land of Satisfaction is too beautiful and gratifying for you to stay stuck.

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